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We are a unique, family-friendly sports, dining and entertainment facility. Our courteous and energetic team is committed to providing a variety of affordable activities in a memorable, fun and enjoyable environment. We, at Sports Plus, want to be your destination for the ultimate entertainment experience!

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Today's Ice Rink Schedule
Wednesday, Feb 10 2016
Time League Home Locker Visitor Locker Rink Score
03:45PM - 05:45PM SP - FREE STYLE SESSION - Open to All Figure Skaters! - $10 per person, pay at the Front Desk CAN
05:00PM - 06:30PM Swords - Practice - Thunderhawks Team USA
05:45PM - 06:45PM Cincinnati Skating School - Group Lessons www.CincinnatiSkatingSchool.com CAN
06:30PM - 07:30PM Swords - Practice - JV Swords Team USA
06:45PM - 08:00PM FSCC - Club Ice visit www.skatecincinnati.org for more info CAN
07:30PM - 09:30PM TPH - Total Package Hockey - Spartans Practice USA
08:00PM - 09:00PM Swords - Practice - Comets Team CAN
09:00PM - 10:00PM Swords - Practice - MYHL Drach Team CAN
09:30PM - 10:30PM UC Hockey - Practice USA
10:00PM - 11:15PM AHL - League - Winter Session CAN
10:30PM - 11:45PM AHL - League - Winter Session USA

Today's Inline Rink Schedule
Wednesday, Feb 10 2016
Time League Home Locker Visitor Locker Rink Score
03:00PM - 06:40PM Open Hockey - Pay $10 at the Welcome Center Inline
06:40PM - 07:20PM Novice Toss Up Comets 1 Pacific 2 Inline -
07:20PM - 08:00PM Novice Toss Up Bombers 1 Falcons 2 Inline -
08:00PM - 08:40PM Novice Toss Up Pacific 1 Warriors 2 Inline -
08:40PM - 09:20PM Novice Toss Up Comets 1 Falcons 2 Inline -
09:20PM - 10:00PM Novice Toss Up Bombers 1 Warriors 2 Inline -
10:00PM - 11:55PM Miami Redhawks Inline Practice Inline

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