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We are a unique, family-friendly sports and entertainment facility. Our courteous and energetic team is committed to providing a variety of affordable activities in a memorable, fun and enjoyable environment. We, at Queen City Sportsplex, want to be your destination for the ultimate sporting experience!

Become an Advertising Sponsor at Queen City Sportsplex!

In today's fast paced world, you only have a few seconds to get your advertising message in front of someone.  How can you gain exposure for your company for hours at a time?! 

The answer:  being an advertising sponsor at Queen City Sportsplex!

Many of our patrons visit the facility 1 – 4 times a week for hours at a time.  The advertising of your business at Queen City Sportsplex is a great way to expose your company to thousands of these potential customers every week. 

Queen City Sportsplex is Cincinnati’s largest athletic & family fun venue!  Located in Evendale,  our state-of-the-art facility houses 2 ice rinks, 1 inline rink, and 8 basketball/volleyball courts.  We also have a retail pro shop, an independently owned and operated workout facility, and multiple party/meeting rooms. 

Queen City Sportsplex is home to many different organizations, including:

Cincinnati Jr Cyclones (youth ice hockey, travel & house leagues)
Cincinnati Swords (youth ice hockey, travel & house leagues)
Cincinnati Adult Hockey League
Cincinnati Adult Inline Hockey League
Cincinnati Youth Inline Hockey League
Many High School & College Ice & Inline Hockey Teams (including Elder, Mason, Sycamore, UC & Miami)
Figure Skating Club of Cincinnati
Cincinnati Ice Breakers Sled Hockey
Cincinnati Broomball Association
Cincinnati Battering Rams Men’s Roller Derby
Centurion Field Hockey
Cincinnati Shooters Basketball
150 Team Youth Basketball Program (including Lakers, Shoot 4 Stars, Cincy Heat Premier, and more!)
Cincinnati Men’s & Women’s Basketball  Leagues
Numerous High School Afterproms and Lock-In Events
Corporate Events & Parties (including Ford, GE, Fidelity, and more!)
And MORE totaling nearly 3,000,000 visitors each year!

Each year,  thousands more patrons come for tournaments, sports clinics, birthday parties, public skating, and other special events/activities.  Being an advertising sponsor at Queen City Sportsplex is a unique opportunity to target a wide range of demographics from within the Cincinnati area, as well as, gain exposure to out-of-town players and families.  Businesses that choose to be a sponsor at Queen City Sportsplex will get hundreds of thousands of “impressions” which are constantly repeated and reinforced every time patrons visit the facility.

Contact us for detailed pricing on the following advertising options:

Banners and Dasherboard Ads

Dasherboard ads on the rinks are an eyecatching alternative to traditional advertising. We also offer banner ad rates, which can be hung around the courts, the rinks (on the wall or surrounding netting) or in our lobby areas.

Rink / Court Naming Rights:
Have your company logo and name placed on the outside of the rink / court of your choice, schedule TV screen, and all scheduling references.

Under Ice Advertising:

Have your company logo placed under the ice for all players and spectators to see.

Ice Rink Glass Advertising: 
Have your logo repeated on a 6”-8” high see-through stripe decal placed along the glass just above the dasherboards.

Court Advertising:  
Have your logo placed on the hardwood courts for all players and spectators to see.

Schedule Screen Advertising: 
Have your advertisement displayed on our schedule screens that show our facility schedules throughout the building.  You choose:  ice rink screen, inline rink screen, or basketball screen.  You can also have your advertisement placed on our main projector screen that greets all visitors as they enter the facility.

Website Sonsor Links:
Have your logo link to your website from ours.  You choose: main site, basketball site, inline hockey site, or all 3!

If you have any additional ideas for how you would like to market your business as a sponsor in our facility, we are more than glad to accommodate.  Contact us today!

Some Other Advertising Sponsors at Queen City Sportsplex:

Children's Hospital Medical Center Miller Lite
Allstate Snapple
Deveroes Big Red
Play It Again Sports ...and more!

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